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of primary ingredients

Our pita production process starts with the careful selection offlour, the primary ingredient for the production of pita breads at Achaiki Pita.  The certification of primary ingredients and their fair trade and their good cultivation practices is done in collaboration with certified suppliers who guarantee quality and taste with officially accepted standardised HACCP processes. 


The water a necessary ingredient in the creation of dough, the heart of bread making. At this stage we create the dough. This certified pita production process executes the primary mingling and knead of the ingredients, without the use of additives or other preservatives. The We stir the flour and the water, aiming at creating gluten, achieving elasticity in the dough, we wait until the ingredients mature before we use the handmade artisanal shaping of the pita breads.


of the dough

At third stage of pita production the dominant element is the dough. After shaping the dough, we leave the dough to relax, so that the yeast is activated for a fluffy result. Then the dough passes through a cutting machine that gives pieces of a requested size and shape. These pieces are kneaded strictly by hand  for artisanal bread result. Then onwards the dough pieces are placed on the “stofa” where the second stage of maturation occurs.


The completion of creating a greek pita is achieved at the professional yet traditional baking ovens of Achaiki Pita. The hand shaped pita doughs, are placed in 450’ degrees celcious  for 1,50 minute. They are baked crispy and fluffy, their delicious smell awakens our senses everyday!


At the final stage of pita production, the pita breads are transferred through a cylinder tapes, to dispose the humidity from baking time, just before they arrive at packing stage. When the packing stage comes, they are placed into new modern air-proof packs, then in boxes according to the volume of client orders and they begin their journey via our distribution network for their final destination. 

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